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Originally Posted by Angelsama
Any chance you can do Rider without the all mighty evil smile at the end please? Just to add to my collection~ ^.^
Unfortunately, no chances
The number of frames with her still, and with mouth closed, is 3. Not enough to have a smooth loop. The result couldn't be any other than jerky.
I also try to add the frames when she was starting her smile (when the mouth was still near to be close, and the difference was subtle), but even so, I hadn't the right frames, meaning them hair position, to create a loop.
As you've seen, I've had enough of them instead to do the loop with the smile, and surely I would have made the same without smile, if I could.

@KiNa : "still WIP so no rating" , and so you never rated it, but it's the same, I know it would be a 20%
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