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perhaps Zero is going to go on some kind of a self destructive streak. He did point his gun at Yuuki after all. and his delayed E status might be a factor.
I don't know .. what confuse me more is the manga title : Vampire Knight !!
and she's always focusing on zero ..

that's why all the readers think zero will be the winer and he will confess
in the end to yuuki !! I mean she might also love him more than kanami
if she think about kanami as a brother ...

Yuuki spend more time with zero and she have a crush on kanami because
he was her hero without knowing her past etc ...

so that's what make us think that everything may change ...

that's if :
zero have the courage to confess !! and accept his own fate and find a way
to be stable !!

Yuuki calm down and choose between kanami or zero !!

the new CH may come out at 22 or 24 ..unless they change it !!
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