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I wouldn't go as far as to say he's fine with it, just that it doesn't play a huge part of the story compared to the time in Haruka's arc. I mean do people want Jun acting the exact same in every arc due to what happened two years ago? I don't think so.

If it was the same Jun in every arc who was effected by what happened two years ago, we'd have a lot of people complaining. I'm guessing that's why we see a few changes. Personally i don't think they're big enough changes, i mean he's still the same old Jun in each arc.
Agreed, because seeing Junichi being a perpetually depressed every four episodes would get on people's nerves. A lot of people didn't like him in the beginning of Haruka's arc, so I can bet that it would be annoying to see him like that over and over.

Besides, Junichi's background wasn't that detailed anyway. He's been stood up, and he still dwells on it for two years. However, the girl's name, appearance, or personality was never revealed. That makes it hard to believe that he ever really loved this girl when he only thinks about being stood up that one day, and not how good he had it with her, or why Junichi loved this girl enough to where it would hurt when he lost her. I just can't see this premise being seriously important to the story, other than "hey, this is Junichi's second chance! How will he take it?"
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