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PC game recommendation

Looking for a good single-player game with good story. Games I liked:

Mass Effect 1,2
Dragon Age Origins, DA 2
KOtOR 1,2
Devil May Cry
Batman Arkham Asylum
Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Star Wars: Jedi Academy
TES:Morrowind, Oblivion
Prince of Persia 1-3
Fallout 3
GTA series
Max Payne 1,2
Heroes of Might and Magic 3,5

Something with a 3rd person/action view would be nice. Game should be not older then 5-7 years. Some stealth action is nice too; I didn't like Assasins Creed.
I have a gamepad so ported games aren't a problem.

No horror like Dead Space, Silent Hill please.
I also don't want games like FIFA, Need for Speed i.e. sports and racing.
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