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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
You're SO right about wanting Naruto to grow up, but the point of this manga is, he is still growing up. Naruto is growing up little by little. Still, he's a teenager now (16, 17?), of course he's still a bit rash, inexperienced and psychologically immature. In reality, it's reasonable or even natural. That's why Itachi, who is a grown-up, lectured him. He's never been a leader of anything besides Konohamaru's group long ago . So, it's obvious that he lacks the traits of a leader. Thus, comparing him to Luffy is really not fair coz Luffy is a leader since the beginning. Their backgrounds are so different. As a main character, Naruto won't be like Kira Yamato, Gon Freecs, Amuro Ray or Lelouch who's smart and reached their psychological maturity at teen age. He's a slow learner with some good points. Maybe, people should learn to accept that or they should learn to avoid this manga.

I don't think Kishimoto hyped-up Akatsuki. He just portray them as what they are: dangerous ninjas with great abilities. We never met a lot of characters that hail them or cower in fear once they heard the 'Akatsuki' word. In fact, Akatsuki always have to deal with tough fights whenever they encounter enemies. They don't win easily. The one(s) that hype them up is probably the anime and some fans. If you want to know mangas which characters are hyped-up by their authors, try read Claymore, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Saint Seiya (original series) or Black Cat for example. That's where characters are being hyped up to the extreme and some even get a full narration or mentioned every time (by a character and whatnot) even before he/she/them appear.
yeah, he is still growing up but we are nearing the end of the series or at least it seems that way, and most of the fans are expecting a more mature naruto ready to take on the role of hokage. gaara is the same age as he is, went through the same torment as a child and yet he is somehow more mature than naruto. why is that? luffy is about the same age as naruto when one piece first started and no, he wasn't always the leader. he was a crybaby when he was younger and considerably weaker compared to his older brother ace who often took charge and protected him. he was often bullied, especially by his grandfather. he's not the sharpest tool in the shed either that's why i chose him as a basis of comparison for naruto. the two have more things in common than any of the shonen heroes. luffy's first attempt at being a leader was when he decided he was going to be a pirate and form his own pirate crew. but even then it was all trial and error for him. he was a pathetic captain, even now he still acts like a child who doesn't know what he's doing. but he and his crew slowly grew up as the series progressed, they grew stronger and became more capable individually and as a team.

i still don't see that kind of growth from naruto. at least not yet. even after all his power-ups and experiences he is still just a child. i was so disappointed when kishi decided to "resurrect" the likes of kakashi and tsunade. i was hoping that their "deaths" would somehow force naruto to grow up and become the leader he's supposed to be. without the grown ups he and the other youngsters would have to step up to the plate. but kishi didn't do that, rather he chose to have naruto be protected by the adults and hide him in a very long training arc only to have him escape and act like a messiah. it's not about age, it's about character development. i guess i'm just really disappointed with how things turned out and what kishi did to naruto's character.

the name akatsuki alone roused fear. they were so feared that not a lot of people knew who were the members of that elite group. kishi made them so seemingly invincible that the readers were wondering how anyone could possibly defeat them. i read claymore but i don't see the hype you're talking about because to me those women are really badass, they don't just pretend to be badass. it's not like they were hyped to be immortal monsters like hidan, kakuzu and sasori even though they're technically just human. the claymores are not really human anymore, they were experimented on and physically altered. they really are monsters who somehow retained some of their humanity.

Name the side battles in this war Naruto has taken from his allies besides the ones this chapter. All I've seen him do is save some nameless fodder.
i meant the side battles that happened in this chapter, side battles that i felt he didn't need to interfere with. is gaara a nameless fodder? is oonoki an incapable ninja that he needed naruto's help? those two are kage level ninja. i was just hoping that after that itachi lecture he would move on and go after the ones who orchestrated the war. he didn't need to bother with the zombies that are actually pretty easy to get rid of. i mean, kishi could have shown more sasuke if he was so concerned about the sales.
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