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Originally Posted by Arabesque View Post
I haven't been much of fan of the Character Singles for this series.

I dunno, but other than the remixes that came with the BD's (which, for the record, are great and everyone should get them) I haven't gad a good reason to get them. Sure there is the comedic value of owning a song titled Naked Genius (in jokes ha!) but other than that, I haven't had the finance nor the interest to invest in them.

Until I've seen this (via twitter).

On December 21st 2011, there is going to be a Character Cover Album released with the VA cast, as the characters they played in the show, doing a cover of several classic anime themes. They are

Spoiler for courtesy of nelson:

Aside from the novelty of having Macross, Utena, Nadesico, Card Captor Sakura & Urusei Yatsura on the same album (a Kaminomi album) these are some genuinely excellent choices, not to mention some are very fitting. Having Kusunoki and Kanon preform covers to -rinbu- revolution and Do you remember love? are such obvious picks, that I wondered why I never made a connection before now. Elsie doing Dancing Star is also a given, since she inherited Lum's BGM

Other ones are more interesting due to the VA's themselves, such as Yuuki Aoi doing a cover for Platinum, a theme so strong, it's still among the best anime music I had heard, despite being more than a decade old at this point. Then there is HanaKana singing.

So, yeah, this pretty much falls under my ''Must get for Xmas cause it's Awesome'' list (unless someone else gets it for me )
I'd have to say I've been really enjoying this series' soundtrack overall. The...character songs have been kinda okay yeah, but the OP/ED sets and Kanon's songs have been good to me Not to mention Kuchibue Jet, my favourite character song.

Anyways, this new album sounds fantastic. I'm already craving Purachina and Ai Oboeteimasu ka. XD
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