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Originally Posted by papermario13689 View Post
I'd have to say I've been really enjoying this series' soundtrack overall.
Oh no, the OST is a completely different story! It might have not been the best fit for the actual show (having virtually no comedic tracks) having listened separately, not only do I think of it as an improvement of the already excellent first OST, I actually consider it to be the best OST of the year. An impressive achievement in the same year where shows like Madoka, Blue Exorcist, C and Blood-C had some phenomenal OST's, but I don't think anyone of them matches some of the tracks on this soundtrack (Tender Girl is single handedly the most beautiful track of the year).

The Opening I think is also very good, not exactly on par with the first season's, but that's due to how good the first Opening was ^^.

I haven't heard all the Character SIngles, but if I had to pick a favorite, I'd say that Naked Genius has a special place in my heart.
Originally Posted by papermario13689 View Post
Anyways, this new album sounds fantastic. I'm already craving Purachina and Ai Oboeteimasu ka. XD
Agreed, especially on Purachina/Platinum. I don't know why but the thought of having Yuuki Aoi singe one of my all time favorite song is just amazing I still can't believe it's happening.

Not to mention the possibility for all the MAD's and AMV's of these songs XD
Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Holy cow, that looks like a heavenly album right there. Gotta make my body ready for that! *listens to platinum for the nostalgia* SO GOOD.
Heavenly seems like an accurate description All we need now is figuring out what the Secret track is.

*cross fingers that Kemia's Cover is Unbalanced Kiss X> *

Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Is it this version?

-snip for awesome music-

Nao Toyama would totally fit the retro Lin Minmay and that song. Next track up : Tenshi no Enogu!

-snip for more awesome music-
I do think it is.

And yeah, that's really the most neat thing about this is that all the picks for the songs fit so perfectly. If your going to get a song from Macross, have your idol sing it lol.

(Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind if they do a future release of a Cover of all Macross music with Kanon/Nao Toyama as the singer. I'd buy it, and I'm not a Kanon fan :P)
Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
P.S Most of the songs chosen are pretty retro and 80-ish in theme. I wonder if this was a personal request by Wakaki himself, who at the age of 38, lived through the 1980s in his youth.
I haven't been checking his blog much, but I figure it must be the reason. The anime itself in many aspects is a retro version of many show from the mid-80's/90's, so I think they are trying to capitalize on that idea more now.

If he did in fact ask for these choices, then I have to say, Wakaki -San has some excellent taste in music
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