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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
Wow, you're assuming way too much here. With Ikuhara there's no way you can tell what he show is about until the very end. The show could easily be about the opposite of what you think, you know?
not really, i may be jumping the gun but considering how fate is the big theme of the show, i doubt there wouldn't be some deconstruction. i mean they're all after their own versions of fate and sometimes it isn't panning out the way they would want to (ringo for example).

No, he was avoiding the issue at the moment. It was a facade. But you can see the real Kanba in a previous scene, when he told the doctor he could use his life if that would help Himari. It was the scene that marks him as the chosen one to sacrifice his life for her. That's why the PoC goes directly after him in the first Seizon Senryaku.
oh i forgot about the previous scene. i understand where you're coming from now.
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