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I've finally listened to all the songs on the Nonstop!! Hunters CD, it's very nice, though their duets are probably the best songs in it , the duet EDs are both win, and "Nonstop!! Hunters" is my favorite of the new songs on it for sure, and Good Night song was a nice contrast to it the pace of the Hunter song .

On Elsie's song; her version of Ai no Yokan was good, though she got weird instrumentals once again . Elsie's other new song Atafuta Night&Day! wasn't bad, but I liked Oh My God! more still.

I loved Haqua's new songs though, "1st Evolution→" rivals Naked Genius for me quite well . While Gokigen Ikaga was nice to hear a more calming and relaxing song from her a very good song.

They did a nice job of balancing more energetic and more calm songs on this CD I thought.

P.S. a good bit of engrish in the new songs .
P.S.S. that new album sounds epic, I especially look forward to Mio's song, such a great choice.
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