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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
Before I reply I just want to say I greatly enjoyed this episode.

I could be wrong but the amount of bashing it gets for being a "blockbuster" anime could be related to the fact it airs on NoitaminA which traditionaly has been a block reserved to "oscar bait" type animes rather than blockbusters so the NoitaminA audience is generally made up of "classy" people.
NoitaminA were hardly "oscar bait" or anything more intellectual than any other series. The real point was how the block was aimed at non otaku crowd, giving more diversity in term of genre and style. That was its primary goal, although these series are hardly more or less worthy than others (basically a big "YMMV").
The trend has shifted for the past few years, with very few recent series that reflect the initial goal of it (AnoHana and Musukou), hence the reaction for having a series like GC in this block.
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