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Alright, I think it safe to say Crown has solidly put to rest any notion that Shu can only pull out 'antiquated' weapons like a sword. Not unexpected at all, though how exactly this works is going to be interesting, indeed.


With respect to Shu, I was honestly a bit surprised to see him making the choice he did. After the introspective reflection we had in the first episode and with his performance just now, I would have thought him to be at least a little bit eager to throw himself into the battlefield in an effort to want to change himself. Looks like our protagonist still needs some shining up though. >__<

At any rate, I find this to be a solid second ep. It answered a lot of the questions I had from before, though naturally pulled me in even more by asking even more.

OP was... okay-ish - the kind that feels like it will grow on me the more I see it.

Bit of Inori fan service here and there was nice as well. That seifuku was so made for her though. ;D

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