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The theme of "relying on others" and the general idea surrounding "the power of friendship" is so common in Saturday Morning cartoons that Brotherhood can hardly say to have made that theme its own; it is the obligatory shonen theme, actually done better in shonen fighters such as One Piece. It's been done gracefully, before in a "You Are Not Alone" scene, but Brotherhood didn't really stand out in that regard
Sorry I missed this before when I replied in my other post.

Has the theme of "relying on others" been done before? Certainly! But you know what so has the theme of the "hero" going at it alone to protect his loved one (ie: the first series).

They are both cliches it just depends on which one you prefer. And yes there are plenty of other cliches in the first series too.

Finally I never said the Fullmetal Alchemist manga/Brotherhood was about the "power of friendship". All I said was it was about relying on others and not solely one's own power. This is an important lesson for the brothers in the manga who early on try to do everything alone and don't trust others, slowly but surely they start to open up to others, tell them their problems, and rely on them.

More important there is strong aspect of the adults in the series working with the teens of the story and helping them out. If anything I would say it's far more common for stories to have the teenagers have to "grow up" & save the world on their own. In Fullmetal Alchemist for Ed & Al growing up was accepting help from others & learning to trust in adults.

As for One Piece I definitely enjoy it for what it is, but no I don't think it works its themes the same way as Fullmetal Alchemist at all. Maybe if you only look at both series on a very superficial level.
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