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Just bring these into the correct thread:
Originally Posted by Toto y Moi View Post
Just heard about the theory about Kanba being a child prostitute--mind blown. Wow. Let's see if that's what's up.
Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
Well there is nothing that explicitly points to that but at the same time it's definitely a possibility. I guess it would somewhat line up with his playboy image.

Of course I always felt the way Kanba was so good at tracking Ringo in episode 2 & 3 was a clue to what he did to get money from those men in black & I don't think prostitution would lead to those skills.
Originally Posted by Nina.Wolken View Post
First time I saw him deal with that shady man in the metro, that's what immediately came to my mind .
As disturbing or disgusting the thought might be, those days for a good looking teen, girl or guy, prostitution is one of the fastest way to make money. Kanba is depicted as very attractive and ready to do anything to save Himari.
Also, why were they several men in episode 13? If they were all from the same organization, one emissary would have been enough. But since they had to come in person, it felt more like "clients" ifyouknowwhatImean .

There is still a chance he is hired for other purposes but I wouldn't count too much on it.
I still think he is more or less worked as detective/ bodyguard for parents of rich girl/ idols. But then it would make sense if he is a male prostitute as it explains: why did he have to be with so many girls. And why none of them felt jealousy against each other... Why Natsume tried to get him to stop...

But then they all can just pay him so he can act nice toward them again...
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