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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I disagree sure Kanba has a goal and he goes for it but he never thinks of the consequences of his actions. Kanba is the type of character who acts now and thinks later.
i don't agree with that. i think kanba definitely thinks of his actions, he's just not worried about his own well-being because he puts his family first. he's always been the character with the methodical plans for me, such as all the high-tech equipment he had in episode 2.

not to mention the goal is saving himari's life--i think it would be bizzare for him to mull over the pros and cons of saving his sister's life when sanetoshi is offering it.

so far, kanba's actions all have reasons they're just not immediatly visible to the audience. he has his reasons for using shady means to save his family life, especially since he wants nothing to do with the "natsume clan".

that said, i don't think kanba is the main-main character. this show is an ensemble of sorts, i think most of the characters had/will have their spotlight. but kanba does share qualities with the typical main character, such as being heroic in a way.
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