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Lunar Moon:

It's fine that you liked the first series more or that it's philosophy came through stronger to you. Everyone has a different opinion and frankly everyone gets something different out of fiction. My issue is when people say Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (or the Manga) lacks depth in comparison. No it doesn't, it just presents itself in a different way and that different way had more depth for me.

As for the theme of Ed having to "trust others" well I will stick by what I said. Like I said there is no grand speech or pivotal moment
. But there are plenty of little things throughout the series that I mentioned in my previous post.

Actually a scene in one of the openings I think displays this quite perfectly: Ed and Al are standing alone and suddenly they are surrounded by more and more allies.

But I think just saying "to trust others" is simplifying it. But I will blame myself here not having the eloquence to explain what I mean. It's more or less at the beginning of the series Ed and Al believe they can solve all their problems alone with alchemy. It's actually in a sense a very arrogant way to look at things. But as the series goes on they start realizing alchemy is not going to solve all their problems. They start sharing their problems with others (no longer keeping everything just between them) and actually asking for help. Why did the good guys win in the end? Well besides Father's own arrogance I will say they won because it was truly a "team effort" in every sense of the word.

As for the series being about sacrifice well that I completely disagree with and I think that is more what the first series is about. I don't think Ed & Al sacrificed anything but instead gained a lot. They went through a painful lesson yes but I can't say they didn't get anything out of it.

And in fact Ed & Al themselves felt they they were given so much that at the end of the series they want to give back to:
And also wanting to overturn the laws of equivalent exchange to

Sacrifice to me has negative connotations. In fact the two times it was brought up


This is met with a negative response


edit: And I have nothing against a darker story: I actually love Grave of the Fireflies, Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal & Now and Then Here and There.

But I will stick by what I say that a darker & more tragic story is not anymore deep or original than a lighter more hopeful story.
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