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3 days to master a very difficult technique .. where have I seen that before ? :O

anyway, too bad the Aoi-Oga interaction on the trip is over and I'd like to see more Suiten (maybe she moves to their town/school or something after this arc .. rekindles something with Zen ^^ .. must be lonely living on some island in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of insane demon-dolls)

Oga is badass

Salamander or what's-his-face is an Emperor chuck wanna-be ^^

surprised Zen didn't master black techs

wonder if Oga can take on Jabberwock now

expect Toujou, Aoi, Izuma, Miki ? (maybe with Zen's/GrandPa's etc. help) to take out most of the pillar heads .. Oga takes care of the initial fodder, raeps Salamander and then Jabberwock/Behemoth

Natsume, Himekawa, Kanzaki, Nurses, Red Tails and the rest mop up the pillars .. maybe the other Horsemen here as well, Izuma & Miki seem to be a lot stronger then the others .. not sure about Shizuka, probably stronger as well

would be nice for Athrun (guy reminds me of Hao Asakura from SK a little bit .. and Hao was more broken then Aizen ^^) to make an appearance at the end of the fight, setting up the next arc .. maybe kidnap Beel ?
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