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Wow those Armor of Deadly Sins weapons are some of the most broken god-modding items I think I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of shonen-fighting type shows. We're kind of looking at something like Gurren Lagann in terms of mind-blowing power-ups and special attacks if this keeps up.

Both Tadakatsu and Muneshige were manly as hell this episode, except Tadakatsu put his life on the line for a mad man that died anyway and Muneshige came off as the good guy in trying to prevent the destruction of Mikawa, but alas.....and to top it all off the Testament Union is going to pin this all on Horizon cause they'll need a scapegoat and she's the perfect one as Motonobu's daughter. Still I understand that Tadakatsu was bound by his servitude to the Lord of's just a shame as he seemed like a good guy. All of this is Motonobu's fault and it all continues as long as all these reality hacking weapons are out there for people to get their hands on.

So now what is the question. It doesn't seem likely that Toori can rescue Horizon right away without at least getting some help from Futayo or somebody with some power since the students are completely outclassed by the Testament Union goons. Seriously I have no idea what he can possibly do right now, the situation has gotten that bad that quickly.
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