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I for one didnt see a conflict in terms of good guys and bad guys, when both sides are wealding weapons. After all, Lord Matsudaira ony blew up himself and his dolls, cause Mikawa was empty. And Tadakatsu only fought for his master on his own volition. Hey! The crazy Professor even had given them the weapons to overcome the Apocalypse.

I realize that for us watchers, the end of ep 05 was the first time we saw P-01s and Toori togheter, Also, P-01s is taken far away from Musashi. Based on some magazine scan
Spoiler for Old Scan:
I wonder from which scene this come, if its just a figurative ilustration, or if we will have some kind of flashback to previous encounters between Toori and Horizon.

About Mortal > Deadly > Capital Sins

The Deadly Sins do not belong to an additional category of sin. Rather, they are the sins that are seen as the origin ("capital" comes from the Latin caput, head) of the other sins. A "deadly sin" can be either venial or mortal, depending on the situation; but "they are called 'capital' because they engender other sins, other vices.
St. Tomas de Aquino:
“According to St. Thomas (Summa, II-II:153:4) 'a capital vice is that which has an exceedingly desirable end so that in his desire for it a man goes on to the commission of many sins all of which are said to originate in that vice as their chief source.' It is not then the gravity of the vice in itself that makes it capital but rather the fact that it gives rise to many other sins.”
So Capital doesnt mean Deadly...

Some questions:

According to Lord Motonobu, The Capital Sin Armament originate from a person soul, that person being his own daughter Horizon Ariadust. That means those weapons are relatively new in the Horizon world, those weapons were created after Horizon death.

1 - I came to two differents translations of ep 05, and one said Motonobu hit Horizon intentionally. Which one is correct?

2 - Are ALL the weapons developed from Horizon feelings? Or the others 8 were developed from other persons souls? Again, there is a sub-tle difference in both versions, but I believed all of the weapons comes from Horizon. Is that right?

3 - Kind of spoilerish question about Horizon feelings
Spoiler for gotta collect them all!:
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