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Motonobu is obviously a little bit off in his head when it comes to his fetishes, but he's obviously not a madman... entirely.

He dismissed most of his vassals before the series started, so it was obvious he planned the whole thing out for a decent while and made it so that casualties were just himself and Tadakatsu.

Same with sending P-01s ( Horizon ) to Musashi one year in advance. If it was just a matter of getting her out of Mikawa and to safety before his mad plan, he could have done it on the day itself, it didn't need to be one year in advance.

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I wonder from which scene this come, if its just a figurative ilustration, or if we will have some kind of flashback to previous encounters between Toori and Horizon.
Well, we know that Toori has at least been meeting Horizon daily for one whole year, based on the conversation between Blue Thunder owner and Masazumi.
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