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Originally Posted by Alhazad2003 View Post
The Queen of Evil in full color, nice.

I also concur that the group won't be able to defeat Gyokuro by themselves. She's a master vampire who makes Akuha look like nothing. And as Chris38 already said, she wasn't serious with her first attack. Notice she still has her limiter on (the cross in her hair). Should that ever come off, the group would be dead, let alone defeated. That's why I believe it'll be either Mikogami or Fuhai who defeats her, because only the two of them could face her on equal terms. The others, forget about it, they'll be trolled like nobody's business. Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter.
Yep, and since Alucard is even stronger then Gyokuro - after all, she wouldn't try to awaken him, if she was capable of destroying the human world on her own - it means that Tsukune and the rest of the group would be killed by him as well (most likely in even less time then it would take a serious Gyokuro to defeat them.)

Which is the reason why I don't believe that Alucard won't fully awaken in the current arc, since unlike in the flashback to Moka's childhood, Akasha isn't around anymore, and even if she manages to separate herself from Alucard, I believe that she would be too weak to deal with Alucard, after spending six years inside his body.

In other words, while Tsukune has gotten a little stronger, he is generally still a small fry compared to Gyokuro, Alucard and maybe even Miyabi - after all we can't forget that he is plotting something in the shadows, along with Hokuto and Kiria, and I'm even suspecting that those three might become the final antagonists of the R+V manga.

Simply saying that, it might be possible that Gyokuro isn't going to be taken down by Tohou Fuhai and Mikogami, but rather Miyabi when he reveals his true colors.

Speaking about Mikogami, I think he might have some future telling ability, which activates under some specific conditions, since do remember his talk with Ruby, when he said that the time has finally come, and how frightening Fate is, along with the fact that he seemed to know that Fairy Take is one the move.

In other words, I believe that the Headmaster might have already known about what happened in the Wong family mansion, as well as the events of the current arc, and most likely couldn't do anything to prevent it, (in other words, t6hat Moka's and Akua's reunion was bound to happen sooner or later, along with Moka learning about what has actually happened to her mother) because, it will set Moka's and Tsukune's destiny (that Jack Frost's prophecy talks about) into motion.
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