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Originally Posted by Tsuyoshi View Post
I don't think so. Tsukune's body was hardly accustomed to the Shinso blood in his body and it was slowly corrupting him and would've eventually turned into a Ghoul. He nearly transformed into one during the ritual itself, so I can only imagine that he would've turned into one without a way to turn him back if it wasn't for the ritual. The whole reason why the modification took place was to make Tsukune's body better used to the Shinso blood and able to use its powers adequately. It's not something he could've learned, no matter how much time it took him to try.
Yeah, I guess I went a little overboard there, but my previous speculation on the ritual having some negative effects still stands, since we still don't know what kind of effects the ritual had on Tsukune's body, besides making his body more compatible with his Shinso blood and allowing Tsukune to use youjutsu techniques, since obviously the ritual didn't go as Tohou Fuhai intended.

After all, I doubt this is the end of the developments related to Tsukune's transformation.
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