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Originally Posted by Chris38 View Post
Yeah, I guess I went a little overboard there, but my previous speculation on the ritual having some negative effects still stands, since we still don't know what kind of effects the ritual had on Tsukune's body, besides making his body more compatible with his Shinso blood and allowing Tsukune to use youjutsu techniques, since obviously the ritual didn't go as Tohou Fuhai intended.

After all, I doubt this is the end of the developments related to Tsukune's transformation.
yeah but i think that in future arcs he will be able to use his shinso blood without worries
i think this manga will not end until tsukune become a vampire,
he is not even a human anymore(technically) i think?
, wow just imagine, 200 years from now on moka will be a beautiful adult vampire while tsukune is dead UAUHAHUUHAHUA
i would laugh at this kind of ending so to prevent this kind of thing to happen tsukune will have to learn lot of things,so let's enjoy his growth to the fullest
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