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Originally Posted by EvI View Post
yeah but i think that in future arcs he will be able to use his shinso blood without worries
i think this manga will not end until tsukune become a vampire,
he is not even a human anymore(technically) i think?
, wow just imagine, 200 years from now on moka will be a beautiful adult vampire while tsukune is dead UAUHAHUUHAHUA
i would laugh at this kind of ending so to prevent this kind of thing to happen tsukune will have to learn lot of things,so let's enjoy his growth to the fullest
I don't think that Tsukune is going to become an actual vampire, since if that would happen he would lose all the uniqueness he currently has...

After all, he's the only human (since, in my opinion he is still partially human, due to the fact that Tsukune still is immune to most vampire weaknesses).

Basically, if Tsukune would become a vampire (in other words, a complete monster), he wouldn't be any different then the other ayashi, and wouldn't be someone who can become a symbol that coexistence between ayashi and humans is possible (which is one of the major plot points in this series)

Simply saying I believe that Tsukune is going to keep the ambiguity of belonging to the human or ayashi world that he currently has, which would most likely become a symbol that coexistence between ayashi and humans is a possibility.

Naturally that doesn't mean he won't obtain most of the traits that vampires have, including their lifespan (if he hasn't already obtained them), but even at the end of his transformation, I think that there will be still differences between Tsukune and an actual naturally born vampire like Moka, that will prevent Tsukune from being considered the same being as an naturally born vampire, even if there will be a lot of similarities between them.
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