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I'm just saying that, if there wouldn't be any evidence pointing out the fact that Tsukune wasn't born as a vampire, he wouldn't be capable of changing how the ayashi look on humans. I mean there is still the testimonies of the girls that are in Tsukune's harem, but after seeing what the general populace of ayashi is like, do you really think that they would be able to convince anyone if there wouldn't be any evidence to back them up and in my opinion all of that evidence would be lost if Tsukune completely changes into a Shinso vampire.

Fortunately, I don't believe that the option of Tsukune becoming an ordinary Shinso vampire is valid anymore.

The reason why I think that, is due to Tohou Fuhai's comparing Tsukune to Alucard, during Tsukune's latest rampage incident - after all, while Alucard has been initially an ordinary Shinso vampire, I doubt that you can consider him as something like that anymore - basically, due to absorbing so many different ayashi, something has changed within Alucard and he can't be considered as an Shinso vampire anymore.

I think the same can be said about Tsukune, after all Moka and Akasha aren't compared to Alucard, even though they also posses the blood of a Shinso vampire, so something within Tsukune has changed compared to them, which caused Tohou Fuhai to compare Tsukune with Alucard, and even though the ritual has been completed those changes are still present within Tsukune's body, meaning that, in my opinion, Tsukune's development has taken a different path compared to Moka or Akasha who became "ordinary" Shinso vampires after they have obtained the blood of a Shinso vampire.
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