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Well, there is definitely a few holes in my theory, but it depends on where the blood of a Shinso vampire comes from (since it has have a source, considering the fact that I doubt that Shinso vampires just appeared out of nowhere, and they wouldn't be considered as the ancestor's of vampires if they haven't been the source of the vampire race in the R+V world)

Considering Alucard's name (which is Dracula spelled backwards, and I'm quite sure that in some vampire stories, Dracula is considered as the "source" of the vampire race, so Ikeda might have been a little influenced by those stories... )

And Alucard being the servant of the Shuzen family, might not actually prevent him, from being the oldest vampire, since he might have been their servant, before he became a vampire and before the Shuzen family became a house where vampires live.

After all, there hasn't been anything mentioned on how old the Shuzen family actually is, but there has to be a reason why the Shuzen family is so important.

Anyway, I believe this matter is going to be clarified in the future arcs, what I want to bring up is the similarities between the current arc and Hokuto's arc in the first season, which I have noticed recently.

In both of those arcs Moka has been kidnapped and haven't managed to initially participate in the fights that where taking place in those arcs, while I doubt that Moka's seal is going to be broken in this arc, since the consequences of that would be much more severe compared to when the seal was nearly broken in Hokuto's arc, since the seal is currently in a much more weaker state, but I believe that like in Hokuto's arc, Inner Moka will have some role to play near the currents arc conclusion.

In both of those arcs, the main antagonist had claimed to win, in Hokuto's case this happened when he managed to initiate the procedure that would break the Great Barrier, while in Gyokuro's case this occurred when Alucard has started to awaken.

As we know, Hokuto claiming victory has been a little premature, since the gang managed to restore the Grand Barrier before it was fully broken, and while I doubt that the gang would be able to do anything to prevent the awakening of Alucard, since this is probably something only those who have Akasha's Shinso blood in their veins are capable of preventing from occurring.

So, unlike what happened during Hokuto's arc, I don't see the current arcs antagonists being slightly redeemed, so that they would abandon their objectives (Of course, it could be that this role is going to be taken by Akua, but personally I'm against such development - more likely I see Akasha being able to do something from within Alucard, to stop Alucard from fully awakening, naturally with the help of Tsukune - after all, we still need to get a meeting between Akasha and Tsukune, right... )

At least those are the similarities that come to my mind at this moment, and how they might influence the events of the current arc, although I probably will still look at both of those arcs to see if there might be more similarities between them.
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