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hmm. your point keeps sounding the same to me. I'm saying those aren't cheats in any way and are indicative of someone's power. I don't think any ability is a cheat (with the possible exception of ET, but I'd rather classify that as someone's power as well) any ability can be labeled as a cheat if you break it down into what it is strong against. kisame was weak against gai's speed and strength. that doesn't imply gai's ability is a cheat or any less powerful because of that.
You continue to miss my point. I'm not talking about Hashirama vs. Hiruzen. I'm talking about Hashirama vs. Kyuubi and Hiruzen vs. Kyuubi. In Hashirama's case he had Mokuton, which allowed him to pull out an easy win. Hiruzen has no such thing and thus would have needed brute force to defeat the Kyuubi. My entire point is that those two facts are in no way indicative of Hashirama's superiority, whether he is stronger or not.

If we're talking about comparing Hashirama's strength and Hiruzen's strength, of course Mokuton counts. But saying that their respective performances against Tailed Beasts is some kind of indication, when one of them has an ability that provides an easy win, is not the way to prove who is better.
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