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Originally Posted by SHINOBI-03
Zenji's punch was also omitted. Nippon's adaptation didn't show us the first punch good.
Yeah but that didn't make the scene any less clear in Nippon's version. I found it disappointing (for the lack of better word since I'm not expecting much of MH adaptation) that they've omitted that interesting scene which could be interpreted in various ways (personally I think that Kurapica let Zenji beat Nostrade up because he wanted him to suffer but a while later he regained his composure and put his mask back on).

Also, the scene where PT's car was blown made more sense in Nippon animation. In MH one it exploded after a series from small machine guns (another proof that MH is treating its viewers as idiots), in Nippon animation they've used a bazooka.

I didn't like the music placement during initial assault either, later (when Chrollo was shown) it fitted better but I still preferred the way Nippon did it. But for some reason people tend to get excited whenever anime uses classical music (shitty Elfen Lied is a perfect example of this). But that's a matter of taste so I'll leave it at that.

I have to agree with Cinnabar though that for once narrator's words weren't annoying but overall he's an awful addition (and he's never around when needed, e.g. when he could have explained En so that the scene wouldn't look as artificial as in the manga or Nippon version).

Overall OK episode but with too many omitted scenes (that's your "more faithful adaptation" for you, lol) + too much focus on Neon's shopping. And the same thing happened in the previous episode. It's also interesting that Nippon version managed to show more manga content even with all the fillers and less than 10 episodes of "advantage".
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