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(personally I think that Kurapica let Zenji beat Nostrade up because he wanted him to suffer but a while later he regained his composure and put his mask back on)
That's a very interesting interpretation and one that's actually got me thinking. Though what would Kurapika have against Nostrade to warrant such a reaction?

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Also, the scene where PT's car was blown made more sense in Nippon animation. In MH one it exploded after a series from small machine guns (another proof that MH is treating its viewers as idiots), in Nippon animation they've used a bazooka.

Also of mention is that the car explodes off screen. Perhaps it hit a wall or something? It was never really clear how it exploded in the manga anyway, and when the mafia go to inspect the ruins all of them are holding machine guns. I don't think it's too far a stretch to say the car was destroyed by machine gun fire, considering it is entirely possible.

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