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Complaint: Nothing is being done about casual spoiler culture in some threads

Some topics--in this case I'm talking about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure--have developed a culture of casually spoiling the manga, and you moderators seem to think that's OK, because nothing is being done about it.

I stopped reading the thread after I issued warnings and participants continued with their habits. I suspect they didn't receive proper punishment. Five minutes ago, after a long time, I decide to check out the thread again because I was excited about the anime's sales success, and yet again, I find a casual manga spoiler (I believe those are completely forbidden in anime topics).

I'm not even gonna bother reporting all the offenders, because I'm probably going to catch another spoiler and regret it. This is a complete failure of the moderator team. I expected the thread to have a lot more replies than it has, but I'm not at all surprised anymore, because this kind of spoiler culture is driving away potential discussion participants, including myself.
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