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I suppose reading the OP's post might help clarify things...

Originally Posted by Velrok View Post
And by that I mean inspiration to grab an instrument and play one of these songs main characters play. So in other words, a discussion about K-On making you bring your old guitar from the closet or making you want to buy a new one.
As far brushing off the dust and setting fresh strings my old Kingston bass to do something I haven't done in a while, then yes, K-On! was a minor factor in that...I can get easily hyped with instruments with anything related media, such as a show, the music, or watching someone else play...

As far as wanting to play any of the songs on K-On! or J-rock in general, no, K-On! doesn't do it for me, since their songs and they genre they belong in are something I hardly listen to, if not at all...I enjoy the songs, but I in no way have any intent in actually learning how to play the songs...It's just not in my personal interest; Metallica was a personal interest in the beginning, Rush was a personal interest in recent times, K-On! wouldn't be a personal interest in any time...
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