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Originally Posted by Velrok View Post
'Is K-On! inspiration for you?'

And by that I mean inspiration to grab an instrument and play one of these songs main characters play. So in other words, a discussion about K-On making you bring your old guitar from the closet or making you want to buy a new one. Appearently it affects most people as we can see more and more videos or people asking for tabs. And It would be nice to know whether these people are playing daily or just started thanks to K-On : ).

So how did it affect you? Is it just another comedy show or an inspiration?
Not me,I just watch it normally. I don't think of it as an inspiration because of the fact that they don't show them practicing or jamming or anything. But Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad really made me want to play guitar,made me realize the beautiful sound of the guitar as well as any other instrument,biggest inspiration my entire life
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