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Originally Posted by Kyourin View Post
well .. it made me think it would be nice if I had a music instrument I could play ..

maybe I should start with a flute .. sounds pretty easy than a guitar XD
As someone who has played a lot of instruments, I'll say this: Pick an instrument that interests you and has songs you love. Also, all of the instruments have their own difficulties.

No point in picking up flute if you don't like flutes. If you enjoy the sound of a guitar, you'll go a lot further if you pick it up as an instrument. Moreover, if you don't like the songs on that instrument, you'll have nothing to play for yourself and others.

I originally picked up the clarinet. It sounds wonderful, but I have no interest in the songs written for it. When I picked up the trumpet, on the other hand, there was a whole world of Jazz numbers for me to learn, so I did a lot better in the long run. Since most people really enjoy music played with a rock band setup, guitar/bass/drums/keyboard are good choices. Moreover, if you learn recognizable songs, you can show them off to your friends and family. Playing music isn't just about impressing other people, but it is a performance art, so you should keep your audience in mind. Also, if you have the voice for it, being able to sing with your instrument is also a good thing.
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