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He is locked not because of that. But because he LIKES it that way. Numbers were also programmed - but half of them decided to change path. And did. Bad upbringing is not a reason to leave dangerous* person to roam free.

*Dangerous in "will do" department, not "power" one. Full-power Hayate as my neighbor is ok. Depowered Jail on wheelchair, without henchmen and without funding is not.
To be fair, Jail did have some impressive combat capabilities himself, remember?

As for the whole "Jail is programmed" argument, well maybe, but in that case you can't really punish anyone, since everyone's actions can be expressed as being ruled by his "programming" (a mix of nature genetics and nurture environment) and by the time he actually commits his crime he is arguably already "programmed" to do so.

That's the theoretical argument of rehabiliative justice, which the TSAB does use generously. However, most people assume we actually have free will despite our upbringing and genetics (our programming). If you assume humans actually have free will, then Scarlietti MUST be responsible for what he's doing, despite his programming or whatever.

There is of course, also the pragmatic "national security" argument
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