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Genuinely nice try, but I disagree. Normal human genetics being passed down through typical procreation never gives someone "unlimited desire". Something that extreme has to be artificially programmed into a person's genes, and greatly undermines their ability to self-restrain themselves. It's like a person being born alcoholic due to their mother drinking heavily while she carries the child to term - under these unique and extreme circumstances, it's not really fair, in my mind, to hold a person entirely responsible for their actions.

However, if they can't somehow fix Jail's programming, I can understand why he's not allowed to go free.
Unlimited Desire was a codename for Jail, nothing like that was ever programmed into him. His 'greed' was simply something that was shared among many Al Hazardians (after all, the greed for knowledge and power is what lead to their destruction). In other words, it was no fault of the brains, and thereby no excuse.
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