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Considering that dream involved the destruction of the TSAB and the death, even if that were a 'yes' we know that this is not a blame on the part of the TSAB. Supporting the opposite though, is Due, who mentions the greed in relation to Al Hazard.

Which of course opens the possibility that the 'greed' was molded into Jail's original by scientists of Al Hazard itself, and that this 'program' was merely copied along with the rest of Jail. Though this is relying on far to many maybe's.
I was thinking something more like the TSAB moulding the desire of pursuing scientific research to its limits into him, with that leading to his dream for the destruction of the TSAB. You know, unforeseen cause and effect thing due to the TSAB high council underestimating the ambition and pride of someone given the knowledge of Al Hazard/Alhazred/'whatever its official english name is'. >>

Which, hmm, is probably what you just said <<
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