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Originally Posted by Exether View Post
And I was kidding about Shichika being gay... Don't take it seriously
Lol, okay. I'm sorry. I should've figured as much. My bad, hehe. XP

Originally Posted by Jehuty View Post
While I agree that the world isn't about sex all the time, I strongly disagree with your "typical male mindset" remark.

It isn't so misguided or silly to assume they were having sex. He is her sword, and she can do with him as she pleases. He pretty much commited his whole being to her in the 1st episode.

Being in an island also doesn't mean you can't be without lust. He may not know the concept of sex, but surely he must have urges - it's in our genes to be instinctively sexual beings. He may be innocent, and he may be used to seeing a woman naked (his sister), but seeing a completely different woman naked, and being at the ridiculous proximity the two were (and face it, even if -he- doesn't know the boundaries or what that sort of intimacy entails, she does), one can't help but assume that they were having sex, even if there was no romantic relationship.
I agree with some of what you said, as some of it is true. But... I don't know. I guess I'm one of those types of people who only makes speculations based on what I am actually shown or told. When I watch an anime (or any show/movie, or play any video games, or read any book) unless it is DISTINCTLY shown and/or stated by the narrator that a certain event occurred, I don't make assumptions of that nature.

But everyone's different, and I often forget that, so I'm sorry for my "male mindset" comment.
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