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Lol, now you're making it sound like I'm retarded or something. We know what animals do out of nature, and no one ever said humans would've died without sex ed or anything relatively like that. And Clannad is an almost entirely different case because it was based off of a hentai game, so we KNOW sex is going on in there (well, that is, if you already KNEW it was based on an H-game; some people don't/did not). Therefore, it's not the best example here. Whether Shichika has extensive knowledge of reproduction or not wasn't the main focus of my statements anyway.
Just a small correction, Kismet-chan, Clannad is NOT a H-GAME, but actually a visual novel without sexual content, and the story, although a little naive is not mediocre.

The fact that Key produces H-games does not mean that all their products are H-Games.

Now that people mention clannad, I couldn't help but be reminded of a certain scene :

So yeah... We need someone to tell us crystal clear, precisely that!!

Otherwise we'll never know... Even if they're married
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