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Originally Posted by Mittwoch View Post
I like the outcome of your last signature, the one which apparently stars G-Dragon, I wouldn't know, I'm not really into K-pop ).

I must admit that's one good blending and the colors are really matching, getting rid of that side bar was a good decision xD. I would play a bit more with the lightning to get a better depth, but that only for slight improvements ^^. The text looks a tad odd since it's not blended at all, but the font is pretty good. All in all, great work, keep it up

Oh, and now I remembered, I really liked your Altair one :>
Haha thanks I actually didn't do much to my Altair sig so... But yeah I agree that the sig looked pretty good overall Thank you for your C&C +rep

Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
I like this version much better and G-dragon smile gonna kill me someday XD
Really? You don't like Taeyang?

Originally Posted by SweetPrincess View Post
I agree He has the most Beautiful Smile
Gonna have to disagree with you there Himey-chan

Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
Well you got a point there Just not used to his various looks
Yeah, me neither. Don't worry you're not the only one.

Did another Natsu sig. Compared to my first signature ever, this is much much better. I was gonna do something else today, but I really liked the stock so I chose use it I used clipping masks(which are a more complicated in gimp), displacement maps, fractals and some other stuff Now I gotta go make an avatar

Version 1

Version 2

Which one looks better?
Edit: I just realized I posted at 22:22

Alright here's the avatar *shamelessly finds a stock and resizes/crops it*
Maybe I should stop being lazy and be more like Hooves
Gonna have to say goodbye to my awesome avatar

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