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What is it?: Psycho-lesbian characters

Worst offenders: Toaru Majutsu index/Railgun & Baka To Test

Notable exceptions: Um, Azumanga Daioh?

Variants: Female characters who would beat up men just to be with the girl they love, disturbingly

What makes it popular: The popularity of Tsundere culture & LGBT lifestyle. "Hey, she makes herself look like she hates men, so she must have a lesbian following, right?"

Reason that I hated it: They're annoying, irritating and anti-climatic. Oh, and It's HOMOPHOBIC!

Does the hate really worth it?: Yes. Not only is it homophobic, it gives an impression that all lesbians are psychos who prey on friends with dishonesty. In my opinion, Characters like Kuroko from Railgun and Miharu from baka To Test are giving lesbians in Japan a bad name, and it's a step backwards from positive portrayal of LGBT characters in anime, especially for those meant towards the straight otaku market.
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