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Sword Art Online - Game Mechanics and Technology [Speculation, NO Spoilers]

The purpose of this thread is for anime viewers of Sword Art Online to discuss and speculate about the various game mechanics and technologies shown in the Sword Art Online anime.

Some on-topic ideas for discussion in this thread:
  • NervGear System
  • SAO Gameplay and User Interface
  • Known Bugs and Exploits

What do we know/have we been told about these systems and issues? Do the explanations given make sense? Are there plot holes or seeming flaws? What are the drawbacks of the approaches described, and how could they be addressed?

If you wish to ask questions about the systems shown, please use the Q&A Thread. This thread is to speculate and discuss about the systems, how they are portrayed to work, and whether they are feasible in reality.

This is a speculation topic, but information revealed should align with the anime airing. Any facts discussed should be limited only to the content shown in the anime.

Do not give ANY future plot points away from the novels, even behind spoiler tags.

If you wish to add some extra information that was not (and will not be) explained in the anime, please use properly-labelled spoiler tags (that identify the *purpose* and *context* of the spoiler). Please read the Spoiler Policy for more information.
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