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1) It intercepts signals from your brain to the rest of your body.
2) It sends signals to your brain.
This seems much more plausible as a virtual world technology than Star Trek's holodeck.

A fantastic part is where is kills you. Microwaves need time to fry your brain just like a real microwave needs time to heat your food. I can't see NervGear killing you in the "forced removal" scenario. It's definitely possible for it to kill you in the "you die in the game" scenario because there is no one "outside" to help you remove the NervGear (while it kills you).

Another fantastic part: These people are in-game for months or even years. Are they all on IVs for food? Maybe the game has some kind of time dilation mechanism?

I believe the game's creator was arrested or jailed shortly after the incident because:
1) He created the game
2) Everyone who played it is dead or in a coma
It would be hard to prove though.
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