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Although I posted this in the episode 5 thread, it quickly got buried. I thought it was at least useful since this is the first time we the viewer got 'info' about a weapon's stats in-game and how appraisal works.

If anyone else wants to try and decipher the appraisal info, the scene with Egil happens around 13:45-13:54 during Ep5.

Here's the screen cap. Sorry for poor quality.. but it required me to flip the image and apply a lot of zoom since Egil sat pretty far back from the camera's PoV. I've managed to figure out most of it, except for a few parts that stump me. Here's what I got so far, words that I don't know/am unsure of will be placed in (parenthesis):


        Guilty Thorn
        Short Spear / One hand
Range: Middle               Type: Pierce
Attack: 180-225             Durability: (410, 460?)

Weight: 65                     (Sharpness??): 32
Equip (+?)7                    Night (Saving, Slashing, ???)

     made by (Grimrock, blocked out by menu button)
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