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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
The NervGear's programmed by Kayaba to fry your brain you the moment it senses someone trying to take it off. (It has microwaves emitters.)
Originally Posted by jcdietz30
Microwaves need time to fry your brain just like a real microwave needs time to heat your food. I can't see NervGear killing you in the "forced removal" scenario.
I was wondering about this as well.

What kind of sensor is placed on the NervGear? I can't think of an automatic sensor that can be placed there that is completely fail-proof of false alarms.

Also, if NervGear could fry your brain in an instant, I guess it means that NervGear's microwave is that much stronger than household microwave. However, I'm guessing that means our head would outright explode rather than fried. (even chicken eggs explode in your normal microwave)
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