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I tried watching the first episode and here are my thoughts

I don't think the issue is everything is not explained in the first episode. As others have said info dumps are not actually a good thing. It's good to have the viewer want to discover the answers as the series moves on.

I think the issue with K is it establishes itself from the first episode as look at how pretty I am but not much else. You don't have to give answers in the first episode but after the first episode I have nothing to be invested in at all. There are no answers I want to find out because I just don't care. It's just a lot of flash.

Now compare this with From the New World's first episode. That also didn't give us an info dump and I certainly have more questions than answers but from the first episode it established that there is an interesting story to be sparked my interest with the little details it gave.

Is it fine that K was just a lot of flash in the first episode? I guess! However, the first episode sets the tone for the rest of the series. It should be telling us why we want to watch this. Maybe the rest of the series will be absolutely brilliant but why waste your first episode like that?
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