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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
Fujoshis went crazy at any Rider/Waver moment in fate/zero,didn't stop the otakus from enjoying the show
Fujoshi go crazy at any close male relationship (whether its just friendship or something more). It doesn't take a lot.

I am not a fujoshi or anti-fujoshi. I usually enjoy the same character relationships fujoshi fans do. I just tend to not see the relationships the same way as them (I see m/m close friendship which I love, unless it's something like No. 6).

But I certainly don't care if someone sees or enjoys something I don't. So I am at a loss why fujoshi fangirling bothers certain fans so much.

Actually to me fujoshi fangirling is a good thing because that means there is a chance to be *gasp* merchandise with the male characters. Otherwise you are usually out of luck.
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