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Originally Posted by Sorrow-K View Post
The trap that a series like this faces, and that KGNE fell into, is that the drama can feel like drama for the sake of it. And that just feels empty, especially when, like in KGNE, they're so forceful with it.

True Tears comes to mind, which, in my opinion, fell over because it's brand of drama hinged on the audience caring about the characters, but as they became more and more erratic towards the end of the anime, they became harder to sympathize with.
Erhm... ^_^;;

No pun intended, but you seem to consider KGNE and True Tears as failures? Like, really??

I'd say that in drama/romance anime circles, these shows are generally considered to be excellent and highly successful reference animes. And I'd fully agree with that. I feel tempted to ask: What would YOU consider to be good romance dramas?
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