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Well I've watched the first 2 (3) episodes of this show and I must say I'm not sold on it. It took me over half the series to start enjoying Azumanga Dayoh and I think this show is going in the same direction. The problem is that it just isn't that funny overall and even the funny bits are mostly chuckle-worthy at best and not laughing out loud funny. I laughed literally a single time the entirety of the 3 episodes and that's not a very good average for a supposed comedy show.

Maybe I was just setting myself up for disappointment after seeing this show reported as a "random" comedy but so far even with all the hijinks I just can't seem to get the funny bits. I think it has to do with the timings, the jokes just seem to be a bit too slow for a show that uses randomness as material.

Still I have to admit that the rope-jumping scene on episode 2 was very nice indeed. Made me chuckle quite a bit.

PS: I find it interesting that the soccer ball that's been showing up is the model for the 2006 world cup. I don't know why I noticed that small detail but whatever. Also: lol @ Virtual Boy.
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