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Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
You're a guy?


Please quarantine yourself and stay out of the Kami Nomi thread. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Khu View Post
I spell perfectly fine...and I use swears... ._.

(oh, maybe it really is the emoticons XD)

Nah, I don't play healers, usually tanks/ranged magics.
Maybe don't use emoticons?

I only use them when I am being sarcastic or extremely caustic in my words (because there is no tone-detection system in MMO writing), but usually I would go with the regular "heal", "tank", or "stop raging, sore loser" as my comments.

Originally Posted by RWBladewing View Post
It's very likely the emoticons, yeah. It's kind of a bad generalization but I myself tend to assume anyone who uses them to a large degree (especially ;_; and XD) is female. Anyone who doesn't believe you when you tell them otherwise and continues to "stalk" you though just has issues. Reminds me of when some random guy tried to hit on one of my female characters. Told him I was a guy and he said "So? Your character is still hot so I'm hitting on her, not you". He ended up on ignore pretty fast.
You should have trolled him by saying, "But my parents told me not to befriend strangers like you.". I enjoy teasing these people.

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