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Originally Posted by Katapan View Post
I can't wait to get a proper version of the first episode, but even after watching a bad stream, I know I already love the art direction. I mean, I do love how SHAFT shows look about 90% of the time (sorry, Natsu no Arashi), but this stands out even more - I'm so keen on the color schemes, character designs and whatnot. I can tell I'm going to love every minute of the series for its visuals (& everything else too, I hope!) - but I probably knew that the moment I saw the promotional pictures being posted one after the other.
Yeah i've only seen a bad stream so far, but boy was it worth it just for the visuals. Sure the stream didn't do them justice, though i like to think of it as a nice little preview. Will check out an actually raw later tonight.

This show is going to be such a Shinbo treat.
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