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Originally Posted by Renegade334 View Post
MIRV stands for Multiple Independently-targeted Re-entry Vehicle. In other words, it's a missile-launched warhead that follows a high parabolic trajectory to hit strategic targets.

I've never heard of ICBMs and SLBMs carrying antiship missiles as MIRVs (MIRVs do not have rocket engine - though they can more or less redirect their trajectory during reentry to confuse enemy antimissile systems like the Patriot or the high-hitting GBI) - it'd be a very odd (and prohibitively expensive) way to deliver tactical weapons. I mean, what's the point in strapping a Harpoon or an Exocet to a Minuteman or a Trident D5?

I should nevertheless concede that the US Navy and DARPA are currently considering a project called ArcLight, which basically is a strange marriage between a MIRV-equivalent and a cruise missile; they plan to use a derivative of the Standard SM-3 and refit it with a detachable, supersonic, 200-300lbs explosive warhead/glider. If the program is not trashcanned like so many others, it could boast a 2,300 miles range capability, be launchable from either ship, submarine or bomber and offer a viable replacement for the Tomahawk (though I wonder whether the 200-300lbs warhead would be enough to replace the Tomahawk's 1,000lbs of PBXN-107).

And as for the earlier question, technically the CIWS can tackle the problem - they're programmed to face threats like the Dong Feng DF-21, the Exocet or the Sunburn, though the appearance of super/hypersonic missiles like the BrahMos could force the US Navy to prefer the SeaRAM, which is nothing more than a Phalanx CIWS that had its Vulcan cannon swapped with a RIM-116 RAM missile box.

P.S. Maybe we (starting with me, my bad) should cut a bit on the military talk - this topic is supposed to revolve around guns, after all...
well as long as its weaponry tho.... lulz... btw renegade, ya served in the military?

i mean that once the missile fires, and at a few distances, the warhead breaks open and launches several smaller warheads and those warheads head to the ship armed with CIWS... well if it can, cool... but i think it'd be damn expensive just to do that... im not sure if an anti ship missile that uses parabolic trajectory will effectively destroy the target tho...

guys... about the FAL... is it still a good weapon? faced it in full auto, and it really behaved like a bitch... no, more like a bitch that just wants to kill the person who murdered her father. five magazines were spent and i went back to the hotel with a very sore shoulder and arm... well its bitchiness is prolly better than M14...
lets roll
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